This is the First Kiosh just once you come in the bag check. They tend to have lanyards but have found a book before.

When you First walk in on the right, Package Pickup tends to have pins.

Straight in front of Entrance. Head here to pick up souvenirs, autograph books, pens, film, disposable cameras, postcards, rainwear and sundries. Also Pins.

Oscar's Super Service is Hollywood Studios' Stroller, Wheelchair, and Electric Vehicle rental location. The location is themed around a gas station, with pumps outside in the covered area while the interior is detailed like an auto body shop. They at times have a board or cone or lanyards.

Pins, Camera & Media, MagicBands on Disney's Hollywood Studios, Hollywood Boulevard. Here when you walk in you will find up to (2) Cast members with Lanyards.

Here you will find (2) Location of Cast Members with Lanyards and also at times the Pin Board. Always just ask when next time they are bringing it out. Plus over at Adrian & Edith's Head to Toe in the same building you will find a Mickey Ears Hat with pins to trade.

The Trolley Cafe, Inside they serve Starbucks Coffees. Cast Member Stand outside as well as inside with Pins.

Star Wars fans, your shop has come in! And it's loaded with epic apparel, gifts and gear for the whole crew-including creations from top designers. There are (2) Cast Member Spots they have Lanyards and also ask for the Pin Board.

They only have (1) spot with Cast Member with Lanyard, we have seen a Pin Board also.

There are Cast Member up to (3) at one time at Desk with Lanyards, ask for Pin Board.

This is in the next section in same building call Once Upon A Time here you will find up to (2) Cast Member with Lanyards and also a Pin Board.

Go to the Exit side of Ride there you will see a desk with up to (3) Cast Members with Lanyards. Then go to back where photos are purchase and you will find up to (2) Cast Members with Lanyards and a Pin Book.

Once you Enter the area for the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith to the right of ride will be a Kiosh with up to (2) Cast Members at times with Lanyards, also a Small Pin Drum or Pin Board.

You need to Enter the Exit Side of Ride. You will walk straight up to a Desk with a Cast Member with Lanyard or a Pin Board. Then to the Right you will see a long Desk with up to (3) Cast Members with Lanyards and a Large Pin Drum.

As your leaving Rock N Roller Coaster Ride walking down Sunset Boulevard you will see a Kiosh on the rightside in front of Catalina Eddie's. Will find a Cast Member with Lanyard.

Sunset Ranch Pins and Souvenirs you can find up to (2) Cast Members with Lanyards and also other Pin Traders

Disney vacation Club Information Center Sunset Boulevard you can find up to (2) Cast Members with Lanyards and sometimes a board.

Once you leave the Disney Vacation Club spot you will walk into the Reel Vogue and Beverly Sunset Boutique Building. You will walk up to a Desk with up to (2) Cast Members with Lanyard and possible Pin board. Then you will walk over to next Desk with up to (2) Cast Members with Lanyards and a Pin Board. Plus can meet Pin Traders at same time.

In the Main Stage area is a Great Place to just stand and Pin Trade. You find Cast Members walking around with Pin Lanyards and also tons of Pin Traders Walking around all Day Long.

Over at Voyage of The Little Mermaid there's a Kiosh at In Character with a Cast Member with Lanyard and a Coloring Pen Pin Book.

Out in the Middle of Yard area before Star Wars Launch Bay is a Kisoh with a Cast Member with a Lanyard.

Just Before Star Wars Launch Bay is a Store call Disney Studio Store. In here you can find up to (3) Cast Members with Lanyards and a Mystery Pin Number Box where you can choose up to (2) pins to trade.

Star Wars Launch Bay there is a Desk with up (2) Cast Members with Lanyards and a Pin Board. If you walk to the back you can Pin Trade with the Jawa's and other Cast Members.

Over at Walt Disney Presents you can find a Cast Member with a Pin Board or Lanyard at times. Go inside also you can find Cast Members with Lanyards. Plus you can Meet Mike and Sulley and The Guardians of the Galaxy Star Load and Grutt.

Right on the Conner of Pixar Place is another Disney Vacation Club Information Center. Cast Member has a Lanyard.

When you first walk up to Toy Story Land keep you Eye out for Cast Members just walking around with Lanyards. There are (2) Kisohs in the area. Plus a Great place to stand is back in the food area for Pin Traders. Walk up and down the Slinky Dog line Pin Traders standing or even the Woody and Jessie Photo area.

Once you leave Toy Story Land or over to Celebrate with the Incredibles at Pixar Place. There you can find a gift area with up to (3) Cast Members with Lanyards plus walk even further back to catch other Pin Traders and Cast Members.

ABC Commissary tends to have Cast Members Walking around with Lanyards

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