Disney DeeBees - Discovery Series

Each box contains two (2) randomly selected collector pins. What is a DeeBee? This is from a card that comes inside the box, as they are sold in a mystery set box, which says Limited Release. "Legend tells of enchanted creatures named DeeBees who first visited Disney parks and Resorts many years ago. These fun-loving creatures so enjoyed the sights, sounds, thrills and magic that they moved into the place where dreams come true. Details about the DeeBees are shrouded in mystery. DeeBees are said to appear only after sunset and play throughout the night. Several types of DeeBees are thought to exist: "Travelers", who are not tied to anywhere specific; "Roamers", who make thier home in a general area; and "Settlers", who find a specific place they love and never leave. DeeBees take pride in dressing like and collecting things from the places in which they dwell. Finally, no one knows how many DeeBees exisit or where they may be found next. Based on these tales, we present our interpretation of the DeeBees via a new collection of Disney pins." Disney Design Group artist Chris Chapman, created this interpretation on the DeeBee myth. Original Price: $16.95











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