About Lets Go Pin Trading

Lets Go Pin Trading is here to provide the latest news,events and interview regarding the Walt Disney World Orlando plus other Disney parks pin communitys. The Disney pin collecting hobby is growing and new pins are released all the time. We will try to stay up-to-date on everything in Disney pins community. We live in Jacksonville Fla, so we will focus in Orlando area for vists. So please check back by visiting Lets Go Pin Trading often!

About Mark and Rita

This is our Pin Trading collection page, I've been collecting Star Wars since the movies came out, I love digging, hunting, and scraping for Star Wars items to collect. Rita's been collection Eeyore items and Disney pins. Once we put those two things together it has ran wild. It started on our first trip to Walt Disney World together, she showed me pins and I helped her with her passion. I didn't know after a few minutes that I would get hooked. We chase down people and workers trying to trade with them. Its always fun to meet new friends that have the same interest, searching craigslist to ebay and at Disney. We love going to flea markets and garage sales. Please also like us at our Facebook page Lets Go Pin Trading Community



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